Grieving Parents Support Network (GPSN) with Nathalie Himmelrich

Conversations with Alison Jaye The Journey to Here
Conversations with Alison Jaye The Journey to Here
Grieving Parents Support Network (GPSN) with Nathalie Himmelrich

Grieving Parents Support Network (GPSN) with Nathalie Himmelrich, The founder of the Grieving Parents Support Network (GPSN), the May We All Heal (MWAH) peer support group, and the author of numerous grief resource books. As a psychotherapist, Nathalie works mainly in the area of grief recovery.

Nathalie created The Grieving Parents Support Network as a platform for bereaved parents and those wanting support. As part of the vision for support and better understanding of the grieving process of the bereaved, especially bereaved parents to find the support they need. Created to be a hub where bereaved parents can come, read, feel understood, rest, share, get information, get resources, learn, process grief, and find other bereaved parents to connect to.

Nathalie has independently authored and published various grief resource books. In her role, she loves to help people find their inspiration for healthy grieving. She is also a speaker at international conferences and workshops in the area of bereavement and relationship. A passionate writer, holistic counsellor, coach, woman & mother. Her area of passion and specialty is relationship, grief and trauma.

Nathalie works with individuals and couples and those who would prefer more personal support in dealing with grief, loss or relationship challenges.

Nathalie specializes in the following areas:

  • Mourning Accompaniment: Grief & loss – especially for parental bereavement and family survivors of suicide victims, but also in cases of loss of health, job, life satisfaction.
  • Grief & Trauma: Trauma is often part of loss. Through Somatic Experiencing the system (physical, mental and emotional body) is given time and space to integrate the experience.
  • Relationship Satisfaction: Often challenged following the death of a family member, relationships need to be re-evaluated.

She’s the mother of identical twins, one of which she’s raising and one she holds in her heart.

“The more we have these conversations, the more these conversations can be had.” ~ Alison Jaye

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