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Broken Pieces Behind The Mask

By Ethel Mae

Set in London, England, this is the journey of a girl that no one wanted.

Ethel Mae’s mum emigrated from Jamaica to London and had only been there a few years when she was raped by a family member’s boyfriend. Instead of getting sympathy, she was cast away from her family and out of church for being pregnant and unmarried.

When Ethel Mae was born, she was cursed. Everyone wanted her to be born deformed or better still for them, dead. As a young girl, she faced constant physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse.

When she wasn’t being beaten senseless, she was being berated and vilified. She would be told things like, “Why can’t they come and take you away and kill you like they do to other people’s children?” or “I should have gone through with the abortion when Auntie Mildred was offering to pay for it.” Those cutting words reinforced and confirmed that she was unwanted and unloved.

Get a painful glimpse at how abuse can devastate someone’s life and how hard it is to break the cycle as the author shares a courageous story of survival.

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Pack Your Baggage But Leave Your Luggage

By Ethel Mae

Practical everyday tips for men and women to help get through this thing we call life!

Ethel Mae, a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, highlights the importance of leaving baggage behind in this guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams.

To get through life, you must leave your baggage behind.

Ethel Mae, a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, drives that point home in this inspiring guide to leaving guilt, shame, fear, low self-esteem, and more in the rearview mirror.

She shares parts of her personal story and makes observations on life so you can:

  • appreciate your strengths and love yourself;
  • confront and overcome whatever is holding you back and bothering you;
  • take responsibility for your future; and
  • adjust your attitude to achieve success;

The author also highlights the power of words—and why it’s important to use them wisely—as well as why it’s important to forgive others and set yourself free. To pay attention to the people you surround yourself with, who influences you, basically put “who claps when you win”. She also explains that it’s important to look at life as a cruise where you enjoy the journey instead of being so fixated and anxious on a destination. Helping you to overcome negative thoughts and behavior patterns, reflect on what you must do moving forward, and take meaningful steps to make the changes within yourself to achieve your dreams with the guidance in this book.

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M. Brown

5 stars ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING I couldn't put the book down. I was hooked and addicted from the first page. It is a great read, I can't wait for part 2 ...

E Michaels

5 stars An amazing book completely glued! I read this in 2 days. It truly challenged me to know that someone went through all of this and has survived. I'm left wanting more and eager to read the second book. To see the devastating childhood that she went through, I just hope life is much better for her now.

M. Sher

5 Stars THE POWER OF SURVIVAL This is so well written I felt like I was right there at times. I found myself feeling the emotions she was feeling. It amazes me the strength we have that we don't even realize until we need it! Looking forward to seeing what happens next in part 2...


5 Stars Not a big reader, BUT, THIS BOOK, WOW! From the moment I read the first page I was drawn in. I don’t usually read much but I finished this book in record time (at least for me!). The twist and turns would make this book an excellent movie plot for a movie. I felt like I was holding my breath most of the way though it ...

Cameron G.

5 Stars AMAZING BOOK This book was different from the very beginning. It was real, gritty, funny and painful all at the same time. Please hurry with part two! ...


5 Stars What a rollercoaster ride of emotions! I experienced everything reading this book. This is one brave courageous and strong woman. Thank you for sharing your story...

"Every dream must pass the test of discouragement"

~ Alison Jaye

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