Dr. Lauren McCullough ~ VOICES of Black Women – American Cancer Society

Conversations with Alison Jaye The Journey to Here
Conversations with Alison Jaye The Journey to Here
Dr. Lauren McCullough ~ VOICES of Black Women - American Cancer Society

Dr. Lauren McCollough ~ VOICES of Black Women – American Cancer Society

https://voices.cancer.org/ ~ for further information

https://studyportal.cancer.org/enroll/voices ~ to enroll

VOICES of Black Women is a groundbreaking study launched in May of 2024 led by the American Cancer Society. The study’s aim is to figure out the underlying causes behind the disproportionate numbers of black women who die from cancer related illnesses.

The VOICES of Black Women’s study focus is to better understand cancer and other health conditions among Black women. To Drive a Deeper Understanding of Cancer Disparities, the largest study ever to focus on cancer risk and outcomes for Black women in America. Until this study, Black women have been woefully underrepresented when it comes to medical research. In fact, “the vast majority of biomedical research was conducted exclusively on white men until laws and regulations were passed requiring the inclusion of women and minorities in clinical studies funded by public money–like those from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).” It is documented that until the 1990’s, most approved devices, medications, and vaccines “were exclusively [being] tested on heterosexual, non-disabled, seemingly healthy white men.”

Dr. McCullough is the co-Principal Investigator for VOICES of Black Women. Her role at American Cancer Society is to contribute to the growth and diversity of their supporters and lead scientific efforts in breast cancer, social epidemiology, and outcomes research. Her primary research interests are in cancer disparities and cancer outcomes. Her research goals are to improve cancer prognosis in marginalized populations using a multi-level approach to identify targets for pharmacologic, behavioral, and policy intervention.

It is important to mention that VOICES of Black Women is not a clinical trial, but has a goal of enrolling over 100,000 Black women to participate in research. The groundbreaking VOICES of Black Women® study will focus on lived experiences to improve health outcomes for the next generation.

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