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Alison Jaye is the author of the Ethel Mae books, Broken Pieces Behind The Mask and Pack Your Luggage But Leave Your Baggage, with more titles to come. A qualified and certified Coach, Stress Management Therapist, an Ordained Minister, Public Speaker and Teen Mentor, born and raised in London, England.

Having experienced many challenges in her own life Alison, found she was able to reach out and help young people overcome many of the obstacles and life challenges they face. Many who had been through some quite traumatic life changes, experiences and challenges and where in need of guidance and help, to push past where they had been and on the road of better days and years ahead. This led to some of the mothers of her mentees reaching out, seeking Alison for coaching in their own lives.

It was after helping many women face and overcome the hurdles in their lives, Alison realized that many men were struggling. Silently dying inside mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, as the pressure they felt needing to be strong and hold it all together in some cases became unbearable. It was in seeing an alarmingly high rate of young men of color suffering from mental illness, is how her Coaching went from teenagers, women and children to include men.

Alison truly believes that we all have the resources and power within to live the life we deserve and the best life possible. The abundant life that God has promised. She has made it her aim and goal to help as many people as possible realize their potential. She does this as a guest speaker at workshops, seminars, conferences and 1 to 1 Coaching sessions. The unfortunate thing is that many do not realize that this is within them, achievable and possible. As life has diminished their faith, they are jaded, war-weary and wounded.

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“I want my life, my story, my journey to be such an example and an inspiration, that others will look on and be encouraged to keep going.”
~Alison Jaye
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